Off to First Kick 2010

Tomorrow night's the night so I'm at the airport right now about to head way out west for the big event. I'll be doing my usual thing (accosting people with a camera, hanging out with my fellow fans and just being on some SF sh*t in general) this evening through Friday but I'll be in transit for a large part of today but expect to see a few robo-posts to tide you over. Also expect to see a lot of stuff over at MLS Insider and maybe even MLSsoccer.com.

Side note: why is it that when Americans fly we invariably dress like we are either doing laundry/working out or going to a foreign disco/Caribbean resort from a Toni Morrison novel; sweats, stretch pants and what I will call "island wear" seem to the look this morning.

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geoffersen said...

EWR is in New Jersey. Maybe that solved the fashion mystery.