MLS Final Kick: Week 1

Maybe it's just the post-CBA resolution glow but for my money last week had the best First Kick goals that I can recall. From Omar Cummings' sick turn-and-shoot joint to the smooth build up by Seattle for Brad Evans goal, it was all awesome all the time. And don't even get me started on the Kansas City Wizards Show or Real Salt Lake's Bangerfest2010.

Dare I say it but the bar might have been set too high. Hopefully it doesn't come to this but if Week Two yields one garbage goal I'm going to end up calling my shrink on a Sunday and drinking Jack from the bottle in a low-lit dining room while the sounds of Mark Lanegan & The Soulsavers drown out the cries of my disappointed soul.

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Brian said...

As a DC fan, I'd have to disagree. Last weekend sucked!