Malawi's Rapper Corroborates Malawian Galaxy Trial Rumor

I can neither confirm or deny this report that Malawi international Andrew Green [Malunga] is on trial with the Galaxy but I can however confirm that his daddy is a former Malawian international. I can also confirm that if you run a site that is basically an African bootleg of the NewYorkTimes.com, the first person you go to for commentary on football news is a rapper.

In this particular case the rapper is called Chazz. Is he a good rapper? You can watch the video above and decide for yourself. The thing about this though that is awesome is the wording in the piece: "Malawi’s US-based rapper, Chawezi Munthali better known by his showbiz name “Chazz” told Nyasa Times that Malunga is helping his son in building the football career."

It's funny right? They make it sound like A) there is only one Malawian rapper in America and B) it's an official position like an ambassadorship or something. I think we should do this in the States. The next time there is a rumored signing of an American in Europe we have to get commentary from some kid in England who went over to study abroad, joined an Oasis tribute band and never came back.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the article said that Chazz is friends with the the kid's dad hence would know. He did not collaborate on the report but gave his evaluation on how good the dad is to his kids.. There is no point in minimizing Chazz's achievements coz you don't believe the article. Get your own accolades.