Last Night's Party


It's over. Seattle made a meal of Philly last night and start their season with a 2-0 victory. At times, they moved the ball with utmost grace while the Union played a brand of soccer so bruising that they might change the name of the city they represent to Physidelphia.

There was rain. There were women. There were cards of all colors. There was loud, vocal support for both the home side and the visitors. And most importantly there was soccer, something that we weren't too sure we would see just a week ago.

So while you guys bask in the afterglow of last night's party, I'll be traveling back east from Starbucks City. Needless to say I won't be posting much this morning/afternoon but my boys will have plenty for you to take in. See you tonight for Chivas USA v. Colorado Rapids.


Kurt Austin said...

It's only 8:30am but I'm declaring this the post of the day. Brilliant.

ben said...

that photo is completely not fair.

Sterlinho said...

I love your take on things.
BTW - You're link's not working.. and how did I not see you yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does she have kinda of he/she look to her.

Anonymous said...

LOL - it's just you dude. Look at the XBOX 360 area and think about it again!