The Internet Says K.C. Signed an Ex-Arsenal Player

As frequent readers of this blog know, for the most part TOR does not deal in gossip & rumor mongering. Unless it has to do with one Adam Spangler, in which case everything you've heard is true. However I would like to change things up a little today as SkySportsNews is reporting that Kansas City has picked 23 year-old midfielder Ryan Smith from Crystal Palace (the one with the crumpets, not the one with the crabcakes). Allegedly. Prior to that he was with (in chronological order) Arsenal, Leicester City, Derby County, Millwall and Southampton. He also has one cap for England U-20's.

That the Wizards may or may not have picked up this kid isn't the surprising thing; they're trying to make some moves out there in '09 so it's not surprising that Peter Vermes & co. are uncovering a few hidden gems. So what's the surprise? He's secretly American as his old man is apparently from New Jersey.

Now with that information to consider, do you see him as a 23 year-old Englishman who has already acquired the title of journeyman or do you see a young American player with a potential upside and European experience? Or does it even matter because you're just going to write "Cap him now!" in the comments regardless?


Anonymous said...

Cap Him NOW!

Morry said...


Kansas City has made a TON of moves- going to be an interestingly different club in twentyten

Anonymous said...


Adam Spangler said...

something you could have gotten behind S.F. that is me (with hair!) as the announcer for a vending machine eating contest. teams of 3 with a bag of quarters race each other to empty and eat a full vending machine.

I saw numerous member of the NY Ballet puke in a trash can that night.

the things we do for family.

Anonymous said...


This guy can't even score a goal. Perfect for MLS, all we need is more horrible finishers