The Injured Internationals Dining Club & Football Society


Isn't there a saying about your reputation only being as good as the company you keep? I don't know who said it but if that is society's true gauge of stature then Charlie Davies is doing more than alright.

After spending some time in Delaware working alongside Gooch, the Sochaux kid is currently rehabbing in Cap Breton, France and taking lunch with fellow on-the-mends Ashley Cole and Micheal Essien. Not at all bad company to keep. Hell, maybe they can put in a word for him at Stanford Bridge; as Lando has been proving recently, Americans look surprisingly good in blue.


Jamie said...

I'm fine with this so long as he doesn't take any life advice from Mr. Cole.

Nick Poleto said...

After reading that article on the Sochaux website, all I can say is that our boy is a machine! Did you see what his day is like every day? It's like 9 hours in the gym, 9 hours...in...the...gym...every...day! Everyone keeps saying he's Wolverine with his crazy healing skills, but damn! Can't wait to see him in South Africa this summer, he'll be there.