You Really Should Talk Your Fiance Out of a June Wedding

June weddings are all the rage, I know. Brides love them almost as much as a walk-in closet full of free* Manolo Blahniks. But I think there should be an embargo during World Cup years on compassionate grounds. If a French bootleg of Adrian Brody can't control himself at the alter, how can you be expected to?

*Free = your credit card paid for them.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting married on June 26. Our ceremony doesn't start until 6pm, when the last game that day will have finished.

Also, my fiancée isn't the least bit interested in Manolo Blahnik or any kind of status items.

Anonymous said...

très bonne publicité mais qui n'a pas vraiment le sens des réalités.
En effet, la France ne risque pas de battre l'espagne 2-0 pendant la coupe du monde. ils viennent juste de nous battre 2-0 à Paris.
Les Français, vous pouvez vous marier tranquillement en Juin, on ne gagnera pas un match, soyez tranquilles.