Hans Backe is a Brit-Rocka

Hans Backe seemed to have picked up a Brit-rock habit while working for Sven-Goran Eriksson at Manchester City. And here you thought white hair = dead man walking. Nonsense. Hans Backe, you are now officially "my guy".

In other irreverent Q&A news, Metorfanatic has nine massive interviews from today's Red Bull New York Media Day. You should read them since he beat me to noticing that rookie defender Tim Ream has a 110% porno-ish name and had the stones to ask him about it.


Jamie said...

Now that's my kinda guy!

Limo said...

hell yeahhh arctic monkeys! haha

Teddie Boy Eddie said...

Please tell me the ESC is working on a "You just got Reamed" song.