Gabriel Ferrari: The TOR Inquisition


Here's a name we haven't mentioned in a minute! While clicking through Facebook the other day, I ran across the name Gabriel Ferrari for the first time in ages. Then I thought to myself "what's that kid up to?". So in the interest of going elbow-deep into the Americans Outsourced to Europe file I hollered at the NYC native and current Sampdoria loanee. Guess what? He hollered back.

SF: Hey Gabe. How's thing's?

GF: Things are good dude...pretty good.

SF: Awesome. You're in Italy right now with Ternana, on loan from Sampdoria. How has your season been so far?

GF: Yeah, I got to Ternana in February; 4 games, 1 goal so far so I'm playing well.

SF: And by the way, "Ternana" sounds like a nickname for a lady's nonospecialplace. Just saying.

GF: FC Vagina?? A new MLS franchise perhaps??

SF: I dunno about that. Maybe more appropriate for the Italian ladies league. Or not. So anyway, Sampdoria has the greatest logo ever: discuss.

GF: Yeah, the Sampdoria logo is pretty fly. Looks like Popeye's long lost Grandpa. The Sampdoria jerseys are pretty cool as well I might add.

SF: Yeah, I like that one even though I typically don't like the kits Kappa does. So do you have any idea what is in store for you as far as Sampodira goes after this season ends? Do you think another loan is on the cards? Or is a return to Sampdoria or to the States looking more likely? C'mon now, spill it.

GF: Another loan yes, but hopefully abroad. Abroad in Europe though. I'm doing well here and I want to continue to enjoy this experience in Europe before I go back to the states.

SF: Now forgive me if I get any of this wrong (and I very well may) but you where born in NYC to an Italian father and Brazilian mother, and speak English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. When you dream, what language is it in?

GF: I am pretty sure I dream in slang. Like raw NYC slang, so I guess I speak 5 languages.

SF: So you what you're saying is you hear ODB in your sleep. That's not right. So back to soccer now. You played high school ball in Newark, NJ at St. Benedicts Prep, the same school that also produced Claudio Reyna, Greg Berhalter, Tab Ramos and Petter Villegas. What the hell are they putting in the Gatorade?

GF: S.B.P is the best school ever. That school's mentality will stick with you forever. They are able to attract talent, in both soccer and basketball, and know how to use it. The only downfall is that it's an all-boy's school.

SF: Yeah, prom could be a little awkward I imagine. Now, talk to me about being at the then-Metrostars academy. How was it for you?

GF: Metrostars was a fresh team and a new idea that combined city kids from NY and the suburbia kids from Jersey, which was great combo. Before that I played for BW Gottschee as a rascal in Queens; that's where I really got started.

SF: Let's switch gears for a minute. Why do you have a gun in your hand in this photo? Did you steal it from Major Lazer himself?

GF: [That was at the] Major Lazer [show] at SOB's; it was fire! I also went to the Mad Decent Block Party in Philly in august. Fun times!

SF: Nice. As a side note you need to get the Mad Decent app for iPhone; it's amazing and annoying. So I know you like to party and whatnot so what's the nightlife like in Italy?

GF: I've been chilling in Rome a lot now. My friend organizes the best parties here and I go to the Tea Room often. Gotta spin there soon...splash some grime on these Italianos.

SF: Where do you go out when you are in New York? Le Poisson Rouge or Santos Party House perhaps?

GF: In NY I go to the Box, or wherever else there is good music/a good DJ. Blue Note is great for some live jazz.

SF: Didn't know you were a jazzhead. You DJ though right? What's top bangers right now?

GF: I DJ with my bruv, Luther. He just produced a mixtape with Roxy Cottontail called Strike up the Band. My bangers are all on that tough ass mixtape.

SF: Oh God. When I was young & sexy (read: 2004) I used to go to some of Roxy's parties downtown. So debauched. Last question: do you want to DJ the TOR holiday party this year with me? The theme will either be "Favela Funk Christmas" or "Ballin' Outta Control at the North Pole" with everyone wearing elf costumes made of mink and drinking Jay-Z's new egg nog. You down?

GF: Favela Funk Xmas SOUNDS GOOD...anything with that theme is bound for success ala Tough As Hell!

SF: Cool. Send me your rider although I'll tell you right now I am not picking out the red M&M's.

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Kea said...

awesome interview, so glad you brought up the sampdoria logo.