Ebbetts Field Flannel x Soccer

One of the coolest places I've seen in Seattle is Ebbets Field Flannels. Located only a few blocks from Qwest Field, they specialize in all manner of uber-fine throwback sports apparel. Walking past the shop last night I spied these amazing (& ancient) Celtic, Santos and Sounders kits in the window.

The prize though was the 1950 U.S. kit. So sold. I may have to make a return trip to pick this baby up as it's just too awesome to leave town without. Sadly, I don't think it'll get much wear during this year's World Cup; flannel is not a good July look.


thapeez said...

Awesome. If only they had it through the online shop. I sure wish we could go back to that old school logo too.

SF said...

Call the number on the website, I bet they do mail order.

Anonymous said...

Sean, a very good friend of mine from brooklyn, just moved there to work from NY. His name is Scott MX. Cool cool cat with a mohawk. Tell him "Mikey 2 Dishes" said hi!

PS: His band, The Spunk Lads played at Nathan Hale's for the US Open Cup party in 2003 and went to that horrible match as well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant that he works AT Ebbets Field Flannels! of course he also moved to Seattle.