Dynamo to Play at Whataburger Field


Don't worry. It's not what you think. I won't say anything about playing soccer in a baseball field out of respect for my brethren in K.C. However....there is something just wrong about having rocking chair seating behind the goal. Who's going to sit there? The Del Boca Vista Supporters Club? Whatever though...as long as they have potato, egg and cheese taquitos in the house I'm good.


Michael said...

funny and terrifying. well played sir.

vascao_paixao said...

you forgot about your new brethren down here in Tampa Bay who will be playing at Steinbrenner field - come on you Rowdies 2.0!

vascao_paixao said...

Here's the 2010 seating configuration for the Rowdies:

And a link to the premier supporter's group in FL:

Give us some love, won't you?

Anonymous said...

Whataburger food is awesome!

Binks said...

As one of the esteemed spokespersons for the Del Boca Vista Supporters Club, I would state that we would be happy to occupy the rocking chairs so long as we can stand, swear and drink when we like.

That is all.