Bodies Hitting the Floor, Balls Hitting the Back of the Net

This video features the butchest of soundtracks. The other day I commended someone for knocking in a bit of arena rock into the mix but I think once you hit Drowning Pool you may have crossed some kind of line. Maybe it's just me but I'm not convinced Nu Metal lends itself to soccer. American football, with all of it's linemen with regrettable tribal tattoos yes, but for footie it's something of an odd fit. It just makes everything come off like one of those Navy recruiting commercials, right?

As for the video itself it features Georgie Best at his drunken footballing best just before the 1:00 mark. If you've never seen his ankle-breaking run through 5 guys in Spartan Stadium back in the day it's reason enough to press play. So do it. Just do it.


EricJ said...

Dont hate. I have heard far worse rap/hip hop soundtracks to footie compilations.

Alan said...

I think Iron Maiden may have a song or two that would lend itself to footie. :)

But yes, metal or nu metal is not that good a fit for this sport.