Bar Crawling with a No Good Bunch of S.O.Bs

Don't be alarmed but I am blogging in my bath robe right now. I do have socks on though so I'm sure not to catch cold. In addition to being chained to the Mac so far this morning I am dragging a little due to a number of nocturnal adventures that occurred roughly 12-16 hours ago.

Last night I rode shotgun with the Son's of Ben as they embarked on their maiden pre-game night bar crawl. Between that and my own excursion the night involved more bars than a life sentence. How was it? Good times. The Philly crew seem like a good bunch of guys and they didn't give me nearly as much stick as I was expecting for being a New York fan. Don't they know that they are supposed to be hater-assed haters?!


SoBBolton said...

We're going to watch that tonight and play the "ya know" drinking game. What a bunch of mushmouths we are.

Jrodius said...

Lookin' like a broke-ass Ice-T!