And While We're Talking About the Wizards...

Kei Kamara is my guy. Kei Kamara has a lot of personality and I like that in a player. Kei Kamara is also starting to look like the not-Wylcef guy out of The Fugees. That's not a dig at my dude, that's just what it is. I for instance happen to look like a shorter, rounder, broke-assed Lawrence Fishburne and that's just what it is (but it kind of is a dig though because I have self-esteem issues).

Regardless, the Wizards took some time away from their Arizona training camp --surely the sweatiest training camp in existence, I can't even imagine what the bus smells like when they leave the field-- to put in their time with the local chapter of the Soccer-Basketball Mutual Appreciation Society, Steve Nash's Phoenix Suns. They didn't get Spike Lee/Beckham/Jack Nicholson seats but that's alright because you can't really clown-out and have fun down there. You can get some interesting views there however.

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Morry said...

If these lads come together- they got some talent all they need is some chemistry and looks like they are building it.