Video: Steve Ralston on Coming Home to "The Lou"

I for one was shocking by this whole Steve Ralston to AC St. Louis press conference. I for one was expecting an appearance by Nelly but I guess I will have to wait until their home opener for that fantasy to become reality. Stevie Ralston on the other hand is getting to play ball for a living in his hometown so his childhood dream has now been fulfilled. Congrats duder.


Clyde said...

a nike AC St. Louis jersey? i thought all MLS teams were sponsored by adidas. if adidas are done, that would be great. they have a great brand and all, but they're too boring and bland for MLS anymore.

Anonymous said...

AC STL are not in MLS, they're in the USSF Div. 2. Also SF, small typo in Ralsty's last name.

Fake Sigi said...

I think Steve Ralston will do just fine where "the hustlers move bricks and the gangsters bang hammers."