Video: Freddy Adu Scores His Second Goal for Aris

His second goal in a week. Is The Biggest Midget in the Game™ trying to make a late run at a World Cup roster spot? Perhaps. Will it work? Doubtful but keep on pushing cousin.


Anonymous said...

Bad ass. I love seeing a muddy as pitch. I dunno why...then again, I prefer to watch matches played in shitty League 1 and 2 stadiums than anything else, so...

Nice to see Adu showing flashes of his former self. I hope he can keep it up. Man, if I played soccer, I'd be so psyched to be in Greece. Been wanting to visit there for ages.

aris3 said...

i was in the stadium today. 2 goal in a row for freddy and counting . .
you re welcome here brotha