Union CEO Says Man U, Celtic, USMNT Interested in Playing in Philly

Last Wednesday Philadelphia Union CEO & Operating Partner Nick Sakiewicz and President Tom Veit addressed members of various Philadelphia-area Chambers of Commerce at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce. Apparently (and fittingly) it was quite the international affair because the video above was provided by the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce.

So what's on the video? 8+ minutes of feel-good soccer talk testifying to the awesomeness of having a real, live professional outdoor soccer team in your city. The juicy part though is Nicky Sack dropping names like a snitch drops dimes; according to him a great soccer-summer might become an "OMFG this is just all too cotdamn much and my wallet can't take it"-summer.

You can watch the whole video here but I've cut out what I think is the most interesting above. Enjoy.


search said...

Interesting about Man U playing in Philly.

TFC News has them playing in Toronto this summer, along with stops in New York and Chicago.

cesttoutvrai said...

This team looks good. Shame they won't be starting in their new stadium, but I don't really blame them for it. They look to be building a solid team, and have put down good roots in the community. I wish them luck, and I wish that the older teams would look more closely at these new start-ups for a way to relate their teams to their cities. DC seems to be the exception that proves the rule in the old teams.

Clyde said...

hahah "droppin names like a snitch drops dimes."

that would be amazing if we got to see united or celtic play here. apparently they've already set a date for one of the last days of may for the final send-off game for the US before the World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Nick = Snake Oil Salesman.