Thursday Throwback: Freddy Adu on Fake ID Club

When I used to work at eMpTyVee, Fake ID Club host Sway Calloway would be in the elevator or the commissary 3/4 of the time I entered either of them. It's as if he didn't have an office, was basically homeless within the building and those two locations were his bus station and library, respectively. The other things you need to know about Sway is that he A) knows everyone in the building, B) hugs and says "What's up Ma?" to everyone in the building in possession of a vagina and C) his list of people he is taller than only has two names on it: Vern Troyer and Freddy Adu.

And in case you never saw this when it aired, watch it to the end to see the EXACT moment that The Biggest Midget in the Gamefirst laid down the mack on JoJo; it's like watching American soccer history unfold right before your eyes.


apoulin said...

They grow up so fast, by now he must be mega huge all over they world with mad WAGS all over his nuts.

Huh...of yeah? No shit. Where is Aris?

Damn that sucks.

JL said...

SF, what's Freddy's true height? Sources everywhere say 5'8" but, if that's his true height then he's not that short.

andrés said...

i agree with JL. 5'8" isn't that short. it just is for Int. Soccer where Adu's trying to blow by defenders as big as American Football players here. But that's cool SF, you can call him BMG, cuz that shit's funny!

devin said...

one day freddy's going to be a soccer player.

Sterlinho said...

I loved your comments about Sway. Good find.