Things Jerry Lewis Does Not Do Telethon's For: Tifo

Photo: Marty Groark - Section 8

Chicago's O.G. ultras, Section 8, are planning some extrasuperfantastic tifo for the Fire's home opener. What's so special about it? Does it involve Rod Blagojevich setting his hair alight? Is Oprah gonna be there? Will they have Megan Fox send smoke signals to God asking for the return of Blanco while the original line-up of Smashing Pumpkins plays Gish in it's entirety?

I don't claim to know the answer but it's going to be so elaborate that they need your help to make it happen and neither Jerry Lewis or Lou Rawls is prepared to throw them a damn telethon right now and Michael Wolfson is too busy working on the new MLS website to do another Live 8*. So it seems that they are just going to have to ask for donations...y'know, the old-timey way to get paper from people.

So put your hands up soccer fans, this right here is a jack. Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.

*Seriously, the group we're working with on the new league site is led by one of the guys who produced Live 8. Crazypants, right?


Dr. Fuztonhammliech said...

Not sure about the rest but I know there will be no Megan Fox since most people are happy that Blanco is gone.

Euroredi said...

Jesus you're a douche. Can't find anything better to blog about than make some pretty idiotic comments about some supporters doing a tifo fund drive?

Anonymous said...

being from s8 I welcome the publicity. All I can say is Section 8 is ready to raise the bar even higher up the ladder and continue to make supporters clubs around the league envy CHICAGO FIRE SOCCER CLUB. So please donate even $1 helps!!! SUPPORT U.S. SOCCER

SF said...


Nope, nothing better to do than help supporters do their thing.


Robert said...

How is publicizing one of the best US Supporters Groups not worthy of the blog? Considering that it seems the content covers soccer culture just as much as the game itself it would be greatly appreciated if you would refrain from commenting in the future. Let SF do his thing bringing us relevant information and hopefully we'll get to see the fruit of Section 8's efforts.

Jeff said...

Keep posting MLS supporters group stuff! But as a Revs fan I can't in good conscience support their tifo.

SF said...

It has come to my attention that some of my brethren in Chicago are not happy with a New York fan trying to help raise awareness for their cause. Apparently I am a bad person for trying to help spread the word. My bad.

Little Jimmy Miracle said...

don't be obtuse, the analogy you chose and the wording made it a back handed compliment....unless you genuinely don't know how to write

SF said...


I won't assume you've read this blog before but just so you know it's a joke. Everything. It's nothing to be taken seriously. Surely you don't believe that I or anyone would think Section 8 would do something with Oprah or that a Meghan Fox/Gish combo is a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Little Jimmy is reading a little too much into it.

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