One on One With Brek Shea

Relax ladies, don't let the title fool you. This isn't some "Seven Minutes in Heaven" deal where you get to go in a closet and make out with Brek Shea so need to go get waxed (your eyebrows or anything else) just yet. It's basically just Brek talking about himself and being all "me me me, I I I". Not because he is full of himself but because he's being asked by a man with a camera and a microphone to do so. But if you do want to make out with him I suggest getting your Call of Duty game tight; I've no idea what his Xbox Live handle is but if you run into a guy who's avatar has a bottle-blonde combination mohawk-mullet it's probably him.

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chris said...

FYI, the "man with a camera and a microphone" is longtime FCDer Bobby Rhine.