NSR: Kanye West Returns, Is on Some Lord of the Rings Ish

Kanye was gone but now he's back. Thank God really, as the egolibrium (not a real word, I just made that up right now sitting on the bus) levels of hipster hop had fallen to pre-"Swagger Like Us" levels for the first time in years.

And really y'all, is there anyone else out there in the game today that can mess around and combine auto-tune, cleavage and Mordor-esque visuals without coming off as a World of Warcraft enthusiast? Nope. Maybe Raaaaaaaandy can one day but right now he can't even get dudes to send in their verses for a mixtape, so bugged out otherworldly hip hop epic might have to wait a minute.

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Alan said...

Egolibrium is rather apt.