NSR: How to Make it in America

Have you seen this new show on HBO, How to Make it in America? I caught it for the first time over the weekend and I kinda felt it: in a way it's sort of the NYC answer to LA whack-fest Entourage. But as much as I liked it and enjoyed reminiscing about the time when I was young, single and running roughshod over downtown Manhattan on a nightly basis, it was almost too New Yorky. For example, here's a transcript of a party scene from the episode above:

Cam: "We're gonna leave with these Wilhelmina chicks."
Ben: "Already?"
Cam: "Um humh"
Kid Cudi (yes, that Kid Cudi): "And that's what's happening. We're gonna go get some grub at the Blue Ribbon courtesy of Harold's Condé Nast expense account so you in or what?"

Like I said, I was feeling the show but this uber-hip moment had me feeling a little queasy. I'm sure it's the producers attempt at authenticity -and it definitely is authentic young, moneyed New York- but it just comes off as trying a little too hard. Having said that, if someone was to offer me some free, model-accompanied Blue Ribbon right now I would be out the door in a minute: that place makes the only fried chicken I am prepared to eat in public.


Anonymous said...

I really like the show. I used to like Entourage as well, but that storyline and "look into the industry" is completely played out. It's wack now. This show is refreshing, mainly because it doesn't have the overkill of Hollywood glamour that Entourage has.

Nick Poleto said...

I haven't seen this show yet, but it sounds like Sex And The City with dudes. Name drop restaurant or trendy spot here, good looking models there, trendy magazine here. Not convinced.

Alan said...

It's this type of show and those types of people that make me nauseous. I'm a born and bred New Yorker and they've killed my city!

A Football Report said...

Just finished watching this, but it felt so incredibly fake to me. Not saying Entourage is real, but Marky Mark does a great job making the characters seem down to earth. The acting just wasn't there for me, maybe if Kid Cudi turns into an Ari Gold-esque character then I'll watch it.