New Blogger on the Block: The Crew's Jed Zayner

I love the year 2010. It's all about revolution and changing the status quo: animals aren't taking our crap anymore & are rising up, Canadians are losing to Americans at hockey and athletes are telling us all about themselves via the interwebs instead of waiting for a newspaperman to do it for him. So rad. Pretty soon we'll have cars that fly and unbiased cable news networks (OK, so maybe the last one is a stretch but a man can dream can't he?).

My latest favorite web-jock is Columbus Crew defender Jed Zayner. He's got his own blog now and it's pretty fly for a Valparaiso guy. If you want to read about Schelotto rocking Springsteen records (BRUUUUUUUUUUCE!) you should check it out. If you want to see pictures of Steven Lenhart looking like Dee Snider out of Twisted Sister, this is the jump off. Perhaps you've got an interest in the angling habits of Eddie Gaven? He's got you.

For real y'all, check my man out. Even if you aren't a Crew fan you should be able to appreciate the authenticity of what he's doing; the word "blog" gets misappropriated a lot these days --is it really a blog if there is nothing personal and all you are writing 1200 word game analysis?-- but this is real-life and really intimate. A rare look at what players lives are like outside of the 90 minutes we get to see.


Barrak said...

Nice work, SF. Since you posted this, Jed has Tweeted he is no longer in the blogging biz. TOR curse strikes again.

SF said...

What?! Doh! Well read the past while you can then.