Landemonium™! Keep Landon In England Movement Gathering Followers Faster Than a Cult Leader


People seem to love or hate Landon Donovan. Dude is as polarizing as tax reform in an election year. Those that aren't down with him call him names and make t-shirts laughing him off as a big fish in a small pond. Those that are feeling him call him "Sir" and make T-shirts in his honor.

The ones that love him, the Liverpudlian ones at least, also start Facebook groups dedicated to keeping him in Everton blue instead of Galazy white. In less than 2 weeks the Keep Landon Donovan at Everton group has wrangled over 7,000 fans who want nothing more than to permanently steal our Landon away for their own twisted, Euro-footballing purposes. I haven't found a Keep Landon in LA group yet so if anyone is feeling particularly offended by the notion of losing Lando to the English, there's your project for this afternoon.

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Alan said...

No Timmy Howard Tshirts on that site? C'mon, they have Louis Saha but not Tim Howard. Shame!