"It Started Out "Chariots of Fire" and Then We Threw in a Little Bit of "Great Gastby""

Did you read that title? That's how the photographer described the theme of this shoot for Outside Magazine. I've never seen Chariots of Fire or read The Great Gatsby to completion because I am the uncultured product of centuries of poor breeding and public schooling so maybe it's a little lost on me. If I were asked to describe the look these boys are rocking I might say one of the following:
  • Hamptons Halfback
  • FC Preppy Bad Guy from an 80's Film
  • The Look that Gay Guys Rocked Last Summer That Straight Guys Will Rock Two Summers from Now
She's right though about Conor Casey looking like someone out of a Guy Ritchie film (definitely not from Swept Away though). As for the other dudes Robbie Findley is Carlton, Troy Perkins just looks confused and Heath Pearce looks like he is out to steal your girl. As for Jonathon Bornstein he's got a tie for a belt and that pretty much says it all. I feel bad for my dude; seeing him done wrong like that elicits a feeling similar to seeing a beloved hound wearing the cone of shame.


Brian said...

HAHAHA oh my God. Thank you SF for providing me with a good laugh. I have never seen Chariots of Fire, but I've had the misfortune (damn high school english) of reading Great Gatsby. For an accurate representation think 1920s, the Hamptons or Old Spice commercials.

Ching looks f*ckin sharp. Findley gets the obligatory Carlton reference, or that black dude from the recent Old Spice commercial. Perkins does look confused, perhaps slightly pissed. Heath Pearce looks like an academic or Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers. He kinda gives off that douche-y, rich-y, "I'm better than you" sense of entitlement. The only Guy Ritchie movies I've seen are Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, so I'm not really sure I get that reference. Bornstein just plain had his dignity stolen from him.

Me Here said...

Does Outside Magazine realize it got our B team? I'm sure this will be a World Cup-timed feature. There's what -- maybe three guys there who will be on the squad, invariably on the bench?