If You Are Not Reading These Blogs, You Should Start

One of the rules of the streets is that game has got to recognize game. It doesn't matter if it's 125th St., Crenshaw and Blogger Ave., when somebody is doing it & doing it & doing it well you have to raise your chin and your glass to them when you see them in the club. So with that in mind TOR would like to nod at The Fake Sigi Schmid Blog and the newly-Yahoo!fied Dirty Tackle. One of them doesn't like me, which I am used to (my own father actually once tried to disown me in court to get out of paying child support so it's nothing new, but it still stings a little), but I like what the both of them are doing. Get familiar if you aren't already.


Brian said...

The DT guys don't like you?

Fake Sigi said...

I believe that would be directed at yours truly.

Much love for the link. I wouldn't say I dislike *you*, I don't even know you, but it's fair to say our blogs come at things from completely different angles. And that's ok.

Think of the rest as constructive criticism.


Teddie Boy Eddie said...

I've read the Fake Sigi blog. It's decent.

I'll take TOR anyday, though. Much funnier, interesting, and certainly less full of itself than any other soccer blog I've come across. So many experts out there.

SF said...

By *me* I meant TOR but no biggie Sigi. Keep doing what you do duder...as a fan I think a lot of what you're doing is much more entertaining than the majority of fan-blogs.