Ghana x Kenya x Malaysia x Puerto Rico x Detroit

This really is a total and complete "WTF?" story. The inimitable Steven Goff really has the perfect line on this and it really can't be topped so I won't bother to even attempt it. I will however add my own italics for added snarky emphasis.

"So let me get this straight: A World Cup-bound squad is going to travel to Detroit three weeks before the big event being held on its home continent to play in a meaningless tournament on artificial turf against Puerto Rico and then either Kenya or Malaysia?"

And speaking of random, stateside pre-World Cup friendly tournaments here's a rumour so salacious that it must be spelled with that extra "u" in it because it's either unlikely or unbelievable: The U.S. to host Czech Republic and Turkey in May tournament with at least one game played at Red Bull Arena.


tfina said...

Of course you also fail to mention that the game in RBA is planned to be Turkey-Czech Republic, with te other two US games being held elsewhere.

Thanks for nothing SF.

SF said...

I'm just the messenger.

Alan said...

Because the Silverdome is artificial turf, I hand it to Ghana for some serious WTF!!

The US tournament is a close second for having the same type of idea. And not play at RBA.

Brian said...

Looks like we will be hosting Turkey on May 29th in Philly at the Linc

SCNewJersey said...

because even Detroit is nicer than Ghana, Kenya & Malaysia