A Further Reminder That Ray Hudson is Amazing

Some site called TheMillions.com has a banging 'lil essay on the magnificence of the greatest name in outré announcing, Ray Hudson. It's achingly academic but in the best ways possible; how often do you see Iker Casillas, Tom Cruise and the late Anatole Broyard* in the same composition?

Be sure to read the comments as well as there are some real gems mixed in there amongst the love and hate for ol' Crazy Ray. Though I don't share the same opinion, my personal favorite has to be the notion that someone "would rather listen to Bill Walton and John Madden call the National Spelling Bee than listen to Ray Hudson call La Liga games."

[H/T to Goff Jeezy]

*If you have any interest in the topics of Louisiana Creole history, identity & ethnicity in America and the post-WWII publishing industry I highly recommend the Anatole Broyard biography, One Drop, written by his daughter Bliss Broyard. One of my favorite books of the last few years, it's an enlightening and intimate rumination on the nature of family secrets and self-identification. An altogether fascinating read.


Sierra said...

I freaking LOVE Ray Hudson. Screw the naysayers, no other soccer commentator can make me laugh til I cry.

Clyde said...

i always thought that was tommy smyth! i was like why do people hate him he's so amazing? now i realize tommy smyth's another guy.

dutchtwista said...

wow, a soccer blogger up on Anatole Broyard... SF, stay fresh to def

SF said...

I'm trying my dude but it seems to be getting harder. Still, I like to think of TOR as a group home for high-minded low-lifes such as myself so I guess it's only natural that Mssr. Broyard be in the mix with Crazy Ray.