Danny Allsopp x ESPN x Bizarro World

Have you ever seen foreign-broadcast ESPN? It's just weird. It looks just like our ESPN but it obviously isn't because the anchors aren't loud talkers, they'll have soccer on Sportcenter when the national team is not playing and cover something as mundane as a player transfer. Could you imagine the Bristol crew dropping a segment on Benny Feilhaber's latest move? No way. Australia truly is bizzaro world.


Anonymous said...

Haha, agreed. SportsCenter outside of the US is quite odd. I've seen SportsCenter Latin America and it is literally all soccer, with a touch of rugby/basketball/tennis. Same goes for ESPN Australia.

I really think ESPN should have its own soccer SportsCenter since there are so many leagues to cover.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say SportsCenter Australia is all Aussie Football, then rugby, then soccer...:)

Sterlinho said...

I love that they have an "Aussies Abroad" segment. We can't even get ESPN to cover MLS, let alone cover the Yanks Abroad...I mean outsourced to Europe.

Dustin Power said...

Thanks for enjoying my youtube clip The reason why this looks like the American sportscenter is because its actually filmed in Bristols, Connecticut. A very weird situation that they film the Australian version of SC in the US. They do show soccer highlights which they don't show on the US version (which they also show here) but the show is still filled with basketball and American football highlights which I think would turn allot of show in Australia

A. ruiz said...

I watch ESPN Deportes for my footie fix, where they cover MLS well.

I can get daily articles on the fire, from a beat reporter. From the Spanish daily paper in Chicago

If you're a hardcore soccer fan in the states, some spanish lessons might be worth the investment.