Chivas USA Gatecrashes the Vancouver Olympics

A Southern Californian reader of this wreck of a blog just hipped me to this video from American Latino TV. Apparently this aired during a break in the Olympic coverage the other night, presumably wedged in between Team Snowblowing and one of those awesomely MILF-tastic Curling competitions.

It's got J Bo, Union Ultras and the Legion in it which quite nice; always good to see the supporters get some airtime, regardless of which team they're backing. There's also quite a bit of Preki in this so it must have been shot before his defection to Canuckistan. Still, it's good stuff though from American Latino TV. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and make a call to Robert L. Johnson about getting Denis Hamlett, Damani Ralph and myself on 106 & Park.


gpullis said...

I'm pretty sure the average age of a women's curling team is somewhere in their mid 20's, so not really "MILF" territory. However, I do have to agree that the greatest concentration of hotness at the Olympics is in women's curling. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Big Rey Misterio!! He looks better with the wrestling mask on. LOL!

paulsepp said...

My name is Paul and I like women's curling better than the men's curling.

rey misterio said...

really cool i live it
plus i reallymean it if you have never ben to a CHIVAS USA ga you are missing out ..Union Ultras
always faithfull