Chester Stadium to be PPL Powered?


PPL power in Pennsylvania? Perhaps. Sports Business Journal's Tripp Mickle says a $20m, 10-year deal is on the table for naming rights to the Union's new stadium in under construction in Chester, PA. That's not a bad chunk of change for Philly to get chipped off with; hell, under the current salary cap of $2.3m that damn-near covers your entire payroll for players (DP's excluded of course).

Personally I hope this happens just so I have another stadium to refer to by it's initials like the HDC, PHP, RBA and BMO. What can I say, I love acronyms.


ambrown said...

we'll have to see if Portland's ends up staying as PGE Park as well.

Clyde said...

am i the only one that's noticed it's also text language for People Park?

anways, i guess i like it. it's not a very original idea, but at least no one else in the world has PPL Park (from what i know).

Alan said...

Up until right now, I had no idea how far Philly is to Chester, PA. It's friggin 18 miles away! That ain't Philly!

Anonymous said...

and new jersey ain't new york

SF said...

Oh God not this again. When will PA/NJ/NY ever get over their love of geographical nitpicking?