The Zidane of Foosball is From the Heartland

When you bring your own tapes and wraps to play foosball, have you gone too far? Discuss.


Anonymous said...

Good God the control on the passing is sick.

Brian said...

Does that 360 spin count as "spinning"? I thought you weren't allowed to spin in foosball?

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty I've seen this on The Ocho.

JL said...

Well now a days there are all kinds of tournaments in all kinds of things involving skill, (yo-yo, rubiks cubes, speed stacking, etc...)

It's all good as long as people are doing something productive.

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine in college had a private room and a foosball table in the middle of the dorm room. can't tell you how many hours we'd drink and have tournaments.

Re: spinning: no spinning, but that 360 is a controlled motion.

Also, I bought a table-sized foosball game for my boys (5 and 8) - trying to motivate them for a fullsized table. But, yeah - you buy straps - seek help.

Martek said...

JL sez: "It's all good as long as people are doing something productive."

That statement in the context of a foosball player with tapes and wraps and straps has me too stunned to continue.

Now leave me alone as I cruise the Internet to check on the action in Serie B and the Greek Super League.

Problem? What problem?

kuyakew said...

i started playing foosball obsesively 2 years ago when my office got a table. we even entered an industry tourney in nyc(i work in graphic design and many designers out in ny come from europe website: wgdfc.org). in 2008 my team placed 11th. 2009 i my team was eliminated by a team of swedes.
it takes ALOT of skill. ive been playing for 2 years and still cant do the "snake" properly. its not considered spinning since the rod never leaves your skin. near impossible to stop that shot.