You Know What? I Actually Feel Sorry For Mexico

You know why I feel sorry for Mexico? Because they have to play Bafana Bafana in the opening match of the 2010 World Cup in a 94k capacity stadium that will be filled to brim with these makarapa-clad nutters. South Africa's footie fans are a beautiful breed of passionate zealots; rocking a look that is part-voodoo shaman, part-walking junkyard (and for the one Orlando Pirates fan in this clip, part-Big Worm from Friday perm) these dudes are possibly the most down football fans on earth, regardless of what Simon Kuper may tell you about the Norwegians. So just press play and bask in the madness of the fantastic footie freaks from "The Rainbow Nation".

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Stan said...

Did that dude at 1:19 have a bra on???