The Red Bull G.O.A.T?


Feel like voting but have a felony on your record? No problem. Red Bull New York has got a ballot for you even if the government doesn't. The team just dropped an All-Time Best XI contest and the ballot includes some of the baddest bad-asses ever to don a Metro and/or RBNY kit. Go to NewYorkRedBulls.com/FirstXI and cast your vote for the New York MLS G.O.A.T (greatest of all time to those of you now familiar with mid-period LL Cool J); you won't elect a public official or bring "change" to anything other than your browser but you may win a pair of tickets to the Red Bull Arena Grand Opening/Awesomefest.


cheech said...

wait....red bull is acknowledging that the metrostars did, in fact, exist???

AmeriSnob said...

and good thing they are it seems like other than angel and vdb all of my selections were metrostars.