Video: Landon Donovan Post-Arsenal Interview

On my way to finally eat something after a long, wet day of combine games but I just had to throw this up all quick-like. Dude gave a great performance on the field today and gave an equally impressive interview afterward. That's. My. Dog.


Connor B said...

good interview...i hope he does sharpen up as he hints he may

Brian said...

LD's highlights against Arsenal


monkey10 said...

Dude's got composure. This bodes well for a guy who's struggled with his on field confidence in previous stints in European football. Seems like all signs are pointing to LD shining at Everton.

Desert Rat said...

Talk about a guy who the light switch just went off a couple of years ago.

I was one of those guys who thought he was mentally soft a couple of years ago. Clearly he had worlds of talent, but it seems like he's taken a huge step forward in intensity the last couple of years.

He's the best outfield player on the MNT. I look forward to watching more of him at Everton.

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