Video: EJ Scores on an Adu Assist

Wow. The Grown-Ass Man scoring and The Biggest Midget in the Game assisting. Which is kinda what they are supposed to do at their respective positions but it seems like forever since anyone has seen them do it. All we need now is for Justin Timberlake to remember that he's a singer and as such is supposed to make records and then the world will be right again (or it will be 2007).


Kaiser said...

What happened to that field? Look's like No Man's Land during World War I!

Nice pass, not sure about EJ's first touch, but just happy he scored!

Adam Serrano said...

I'm gonna party like its 2007. Pump up the "My Love"

Cindy said...

for real, someone go tell Justin Timberlake to sing a dang song!