South Africa's Most Hardcore Supporter

You know all those pimped-out hard hats with the chandeliers and antlers hanging off of them that South African dudes wear to soccer matches? I've seen them during games on TV for while now but I've never known their name until recently. They're called "makarapa" and alongside those out-sized Elton John-glasses that seem to be going around down there they are the must-have South African soccer-watching accessory (so can it vuvuzela).

So the guy who invented the makarapa is Alfred "The Magistrate" Baloyi and he's the most well-known supporter in South Africa. He recently brought a documentary crew to his home in a settlement outside of JoBurg to see his art, his collection of buckwild headgear and to tell the story of how he came to invent the makarapa. If you are pressed for time though you at least have to stick with it long enough to see his guitar; it's beyond ridiculous but beyond awesome.


Alan said...

That guy is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

"when i wear it i become like this...when i wear it i become like this".

Coolest guy in the world.

veron said...

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