Run-DMB the Jeweler


Will you be buying your lady something from The DaMarcus Collection for Valentine's Day? You should because --judging by the photo above-- if this whole diamond-dealing endeavor doesn't work out our man Beasley will have to start making smooth jazz albums when he retires from soccer. And no one wants that. Except for dentist offices maybe.


adikus said...

I heard VH1 has a reality show in the works with Boyz II Men in search of another band mate... not sure what the name is yet so let the games begin on that

either way if it the diamond business doesnt "pan" out, he's got a future as a reality star

Jon E said...

How do you know it wouldn't be old-school R&B? To me, he looks ready to sing all of Barry White's old songs (but as a tenor).

Anonymous said...

Judging by his Confed. Cup performance, he needs to quit blingin' and start practicing soccer again. Plus wind sprints.

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