NSR: Richard Ashcroft "Are You Ready?"

I love King Richard. Always have. Dude is always so over the top and grandiose even when he knows his latest record is crap that you can't not-love him. But maybe I just love him because I have the musical tastes of a middle-aged British man.

Anyway this sounds nothing like The Verve (who, on the off chance you are keeping score at home, have now broken up for a third time) but was produced by Common, Kanye and Jay-Z producer No I.D. so it's got that going for it. It also sounds like a song that was created expressly for the purpose of being used in an advert for something or other which I'm sure is a great thing in a World Cup year.

Now that I think of it, have England released their anthem yet? On second thought it doesn't matter as they will never --ever!-- top "World in Motion"...or 1966 for that matter.

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