NSR: JJ "Ecstasy"

Anyone that really knows me --and by that I mean in real life knows me, not just from my years of unsolicited Blogspot rambling-- knows that I'm not really into narcotics. Sorry, but sh*t's whack to me (you feel free to do whatcha like though). I live in one of New Jersey's most storied ghettos and I see the corner boys on the daily, pick up those tiny pink plastic baggies that rocks are sold in out of my yard weekly, and about once a month I go to sleep to the lovely sounds of the real life gun shots from "Paper Planes" swiftly followed by those flashing...lights....so the allure is lost on me. And don't even get me started on the things it did to some of my favorite clubs, artists, DJ's and people of the late 90's/early 00's (do you think Oasis would have made an album as bad as Standing on the Shoulder of Giants without the help of a lorry full of 'totaine? Please.).

I am a little envious of drug abusers though. On a daily basis, junkies get to use some of the most amazing slang in the world: phrases like "bumping rails", "dunking H", and "Candy-flipping" are so gloriously kooky that it makes me cry tears of the jealousy that I don't get the privilege of peppering my sober speech with them. Addicts also write really good songs, songs so good that even your Dad has to listen to them; $5 and a lock of Shevchenko's bleach-blonde hair says your old man has at least one record by Santana, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac or Marvin Gaye...all of which were notorious drugs hoovers.

I'm not writing this to preach, pass judgment or make any grand statements. I'm just saying all this as a preamble-come-ramble to my contradictory & hypocritical endorsement of the song above. It's about drugs, it's as addictive as "ghost-busting gutter-glitter*", it samples Lil' Wayne and it's from a Swedish group called JJ. I challenge you to hear it three times and not be hooked.

*See what I mean about about the slang? So inventive.


Jamie said...

Hear! Hear!

John said...

Just a damn good post or I should say riff.

Jamie said...

SF - D'you happen to make a top albums or tracks from 2009 list, by any chance? I try to do one every year and your would be great to see.

Jamie said...

yours, rather

SF said...

I didn't this year (I did last year). Off the top of my head though (and in no particular order)...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Live
New Moon Soundtrack
Washed Out: Life of Leisure EP
The xx: The xx
Soulsavers: Broken
Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Miike Snow: In Search Of
Maxwell: Black Summers Night
Passion Pit: Manners
The Gossip: Music for Men

Anonymous said...

Damn, that song is baby-maker fo sho.

GGJ said...

This is too tight.