I Think I Will Be Needing an Apple Tablet

I never read Sports Illustrated outside of doctor's offices and auto repair shops, but I'll be damned if I don't subscribe --to SI and about 50 other magazines-- once the Apple tablet drops. If the end result is anything like this demo I'm sold (so long as the cost isn't astronomical); as convenient as Kindle and the other e-reader also-rans are, they just aren't capable of making the content consumption experience as dynamic and meaningful as this device seems capable of making it.

The only question for me is should I camp out for it or wait until the second gen model comes out? I know the correct answer is the latter but I just don't know if I'll be able to wait on this one. The potential for reigniting my love of magazine's --which the media company's are banking on-- is just too much.


Mingo said...

Personally I'm waiting for information about the 4.0 release of the iPhone OS, and keeping fingers crossed for a new model. I might actually take the 2 year contract plunge if they do it.

Stan from El Barrio said...

Word on Macrumors.com is that the iPhone (and this new iTablet) will be open to T-Mobile, Verizon & other carriers. It looks like AT&T will be losing their exclusivity.

Mingo said...

If the rumor comes true about a CDMA model, then I know three family members that will be buying iPhones this year.

I would also love it if Apple's "tablet" is nothing more than a codeword for a revamped MacMini.

Brian said...

Please stop drinking the Apple KoolAid!

SF said...


I can't. It just tastes...so...good.