Freddy Adu & Eddie Johnson Presented at Aris FC, to Headline Coachella


Have y'all seen the pictures of Freddy Adu and Eddie Johnson's unveiling at Aris FC yet? Apparently the theme was some sort of loose interpretation of the video for Justice's "Stress". Except without all the broken glass, groping, spray paint, billyclubs and general wild'n out.

OK so maybe it was nothing at all like that video but it did feature The Biggest Midget In The Game™ playing pied piper to enough black leather-clad European youth to keep my favorite Parisian, heavy metal-disco DJ-duo in stunt doubles for a long-ass time. Easily the most fashionable player presentation we've seen in ages.


Faux Fur and Soccer Shirts said...

I'm so proud.

Brian said...

I'm really confused