Charlie Davies Plays Soccer (and a Bit of Cards on the Side)


I just had lunch with a Greek man at an Australian restaurant (only in New York) and Sportscenter was running a quasi-maudlin piece on the recovery of Charlie Davies; even as they were saying that he's healing at Wolverine speed they still said it with an aire of doom & tragedy around it. Then I got back to the office and some guy sent me a photo of some dude from somewhere ran who ran into Chuck D. at the no-limit Texas Hold 'Em table at the Bellagio a few weeks ago (Deadspin has got whole the story). Suddenly all of ESPN's moroseness seems over the top and unnecessary...our man is going to be just fine.


Mario said...

is it just me or does CD9 look like he's about 12 years old there?

Cindy said...

his face still looks swollen, unless it's just bigger

regardless, he's a magical little elf and will be doing work in no time.

Anonymous said...

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