Balls from Boxes: Amazing Charitable Idea


I'm not sure whether or not these are actually out in the world yet but I have to say that this is just fantastic from every perspective; from the design to keeping it green to the humanitarian aspect, this is just outstanding. It's called the Dream Ball and it was created by Korean design house Unplug. The concept is as simple as the game played: aid is delivered to the third world in special packaging that can be used to create a football for children who don't have one. Apart from making a package out of actual food, clothing or shelter, it can't get any better.

Well played Unplug, well played.


Anonymous said...

First time that ball gets wet, forgetaboutit. As a baseball you wont be able to throw it far... as a soccer ball I dont see how you can kick it far if these things are made out of cardboard.

Hey! What about a basketball!!! Made out of paper! WOW! I am stupid designer! WOW! Human brains no longer work in fluoridated society!

Dinko D said...

Obviously the comment above was made by someone with little knowledge of advances in cardboard. Nor do there grasp that these would be temporary toys to say the least.

ERic said...

Considering that aid will be going to places where kids are often using balls made of rags, I'm sure they'd love the hell out of these, no matter how long they last.

Binks said...

This is brilliant! No matter how long it lasts a ball for an hours or half a day is something these kids need more than a heaping pile of garbage sitting in the corner of camp.

Unicef actually developed a kit for refugee camps that has 22 t-shirts a ball and a kit to make two goals. It comes with some other things to attempt to help kids just be kids.

If you've seen "The Long Way Down" you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, watch it.