Video: Il Bruce Speaks Ahead of Barcelona Match

Why does Bruce always sound like he's tired?

Oh Noes! Frankencooper Goes!

Forgive the brievity and ghetto-ness (i.e. Lack of accompanying photo) of this post but I'm dong it on iPhone. I'm on a bus right now and have recieved 2 emails and a text confirming that Big Kenny is on his way to Munich 1860. Happy for the dude but bummed...what other reason is there to watch FC Dallas now?

More From The Don's Interview With The Rich Guy Network

Montreal is soooo in...team #19 is just code, similar to Client #9.


The Don: Dude Is Like, Everywhere Pt. 1

He's on ESPN. He's on the award-winning Kyle y Javi show. He's on the Forbes Video Network for Guys That Are So Rich You Have to Call Them Wealthy™. Who does this guy's booking? Ari Gold?

NSR: Miike Snow's "Animal" Video

Been rocking this album all summer but just saw the video today. Still can't believe these Peter Gabriel sounding-ass motherf*ckers wrote Britney's "Toxic".

Mexico To Build Wall To Keep Americans Out

With the Azteca match looming, let's all remember to be good ambassadors down Mexico way. Um-kaaay?

Video: The Don's Halftime Sit-Down

Is it just me or is halftime the most interesting thing about the All Star game? I'm sure that changes if you are actually there, but siting at home I find the pre-game and half-time shows to be the most interesting part of the show. That's probably just because I am a big nerd for things like the CBA, expansion and other topics that are typically only fit for message boards and conversations with the league's Business & Legal Affairs dept.

Video: MLS All Star Jam in Park City

An event so exclusive that I wasn't even invited. Which truth be told is typically the case.

The Kyle y Javi Show: All Star Game Edition

After what seemed like an eternity, The Kyle y Javi Show has returned, and this time with a special guest...the Harlem Globetrotters! I'm just kidding. They were too busy shooting a Scooby Doo reunion show to make it so they had to get someone else.

The RSL duo managed to get their hands on The Don for a few minutes of broken English, sputtering Spanish and matching white polos...kinda like an office team-building trip to Cozumel but without the inappropriate comments that come after the third margarita.

RBNY In T&T, Release Bermudian Bum

RBNY are down in Trinidad & Tobago getting ready for tonight's match against W Connection in the CONCACAF Champions League. I could say something negative about their chances tonight but since the released the dead, dead weight that was Khano Smith today, I'll take that as an act of goodwill toward the fans and spare them the coarse words. Now if they can manage a win tonight --and maybe sign the recently waived Terry Cooke-- it would be the best day we've had in RBNYland in a minute.


Watch Out America! West Ham Want Your Children!

Reason number 234 why MLS needs a serious, serious academy structure: there is nothing worse than having your kid calling some rich, foreign guy "Dad". It's better than leaving them with R. Kelly I suppose but still...

Video: Press Pass on The State of MLS

Hey y'all. I took a few days off for an impromptu family road trip sans MacBook but I'm back home and back online just in time for tonight's All-Star game. Did you miss me? Did I miss anything of note? I noticed that the Press Pass posse took it upon themselves to have round table on the state of MLS. I like the idea but it's a topic that deserves more than 3mins 58secs and maybe a guest or two to round it out.


Gold Cup Final Is Now Officially A Guest List Only Affair


North America's premier footie beef finally comes to The Big Apple and getting in will be harder than getting a table for four at Babbo on a Saturday. Tomorrow's final at The Meadowlands is officially sold out. If you don't have tickets by now you better know somebody...and maybe even biblically.

Last Night's Party: RSL & FC Dallas Create a Classic

This has to be the game of the season so far, not just for RSL but for the league. It was a brilliant example of MLS at it's dramatic, engaging and goal-scoring best; it also served as an unsubtle reminder of why Dave van den Bergh is missed in NY and why Yura Movsisyan will be missed in SLC. If you didn't see it you missed out...it doesn't do justice to the 12"-inch mix but check out the radio edit above and you'll see what I mean.


Video: Viva Futbol Vol 34

Alarazboy does it again! Just when you think it can't get any nastier, dude takes it to the gutter then brings it back to his place for an evening of anchovies, Wild Irish Rose and Marvin Sease's "Candy Licker" (the ultimate old-school "Jody" anthem) on repeat. Seriously, this sh*t is so potent that if you're not careful somebody might get pregnant.

One of the Greatest Personalized Kits Ever


Our man Binks has had this wonderful "Who 23" jersey for a minute. It's real special. He happens to be down in Baltimore for the Chelsea-AC Milan match tonight and is staying at the same hotel as AC Milan so it's no surprise that he ran into some of the international socceratti down there. But it was a local boy that he actually got an autograph from; this kit is now officially beyond priceless.


Video: That Kenny Cooper Goal

Why anyone would ever leave Big Kenny all by his lonesome to loiter in the 6-yard box like that I will never know, but I do applaud them for their poor defending. Thank you Honduras for making my dream come true...a U.S.-Mexico in New York!


"Big Names Sell Seats": Press Pass on the Obvious

The Leprechaun says that if you bring it they will come, which I don't agree with. History --both deep and recent-- is littered with friendlies that were failures at the gate. Hell as recently as 2006 I saw Celtic and CD Chivas of Guadalajara, 2 household names to North American fans, play in front of a paltry 17K in Giants Stadium...only 3k more than the Red Bulls average attendance for that year. Big names certainly help, but getting a crowd in is much more involved than booking two known sides and opening the gates Tommy boy.

MLS Browsers Now Available From Brand Thunder

I mentioned a while back that the Kansas City Wizards dropped their own custom Firefox browsers from Brand Thunder. Well the rest of the league has finally caught up with them and now have their own "booms" available for all of your uber-fan, computer geek needs. You can click over to the Brand Thunder website right now to pimp your PC properly. Or not.

NSR: Not An Exit's "7 Inch Promo"

Dancing little people, 80's weight loss fads and a bit of hair metal posturing with drum machines set to "Saturday night 3am drug music".

Video: M&T Bank Stadium Ready for Soccer Debut

The sod is laid at Baltimore's M&T Bank Stadium and Maryland's footie freaks are all geeked up for tomorrow night's sold out AC Milan-Chelsea match. The Baltimore Sun says there are a lot hopes riding on the match, including that of the Chelsea-bankrolled Baltimore Bays youth team. The Sun also has a great slide show of Charm City soccer history that is worth checking out.

Now...who wants a Natty Boh and a pit beef sandwich?

Extra Time Episode 24: Act 2

They titled this one "East Bound and Not Down". Nice. Too bad they didn't spend the extra $200 to get a personal appearance by Kenny Powers for this one.


Video: The Team That Never Played

A little South African football history before next year's tournament...

Fox News Weighs in on Becks-lash 2009

At the end of this clip dude says that we have to admit that soccer is becoming an American sport and I feel a little uneasy about agreeing with someone on Fox Hate Network about anything. This is easily a low point for me, even worse than the night I drove around Dallas in a white Humvee limousine with Korn looking for topless bars.

Extra Time Episode 24: Act 1

Hey now
You're an All Star
Get your game on
Go, play

The name is on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember...who did that damn song?


ESPN Fan Feast: World Cup Edition

Remember, ESPN hates soccer and does nothing to promote it. Ever.*

*Don't believe everything you read on message boards.

MLS Final Kick: Week 18

Week 18 belonged to Blanco. The Hunchback of Bridgeview™ was the definition of a "game-changer"...to watch him, is to love him. Or at the very least respect him.

Adidas Fanatic VIII: The Summer Classic Returns


Our kid Beans just reminded me that one of my favorite NYC summer traditions, Adidas' Fanatic soccer tournament, is about to pop off. The 2009 edition of the flyest footie event in the country happens on July 25th at Waterside Park in Chelsea and as per usual will feature all manner of BBQ goodness, beats by DJ Neil Armstrong and loads of fine and fashionable ladies & gentlemen.

It will also feature teams representing some of the most original and vital creative voices in the city; this year's competitors include the Vice empire, house hero Neil Aline's Chez label, DJ den Turntable Lab, Complex & Fader magazines and downtown street soccer stalwarts Chinatown SC (former club of Thierry Henry and Iker Casillas). Last year, it was the Syrup Boyz who took home the silverwear but this year they're no where to be seen so everyone will definitely be bringing their "A" game in hopes of catching the title. I on the other hand will be bringing a flask in hopes of catching a buzz.


Video: Breaking News From Spurs Sports News

This just in from Spurs Sports News: Danielle Lloyd remains a tramp.

NSR: OMFG "V" Is Online!

When I was a kid, V was the coolest/creepiest show on television. I loved this show because it had everything a Regan-era little boy could want in a TV show: lizard people, rebels, spaceships, fake-ass lazer beams and hot chicks with big hair in red leather outfits. Basically it was un-f*ckwithable.

Anyway, I guess the WB Network has acquired the rights to all of the old episodes from the series and has posted them up on Dailymotion. If the spirit moves you I highly recommend you get geeked.

Video: U.S. Soccer at the ESPYS

I totally spaced on posting this earlier in the day. The ESPYS were on Wednesday but it didn't air until last night. I saw some pictures earlier in the week of them accepting their award for Best Upset so you probably did as well. In case you missed the moment on TV last night though, here it is; congratulations boys, you deserve it.

Video: Will Johnson Back in SLC

RSL's Will Johnson --who I personally think is quite underrated-- reflects upon Gold Cup run with the Canuckistani national team. Is it just me or does he look like Ed Norton Jr. and Shia Labeouf defied science and made a love child?

Video: Set Pieces With Sacha Kljestan

Sacha Kljestan --who was recently & secretly transferred to a team called "U.S. Chivas"-- went round the campus of Electronic Arts with Venus Williams (tennis queen) , Dwight Howard (basketballer) and Milan Lucic (Canadian). The four athletes spent a day displaying their skills at their respective sports and each others.

In the clip above he shows us how to take set pieces...but never actually makes one. Oh well, we all have our off days. I wonder if he's in the running for the cover...

Video: Riot Squad Member Takes The Beckham Challenge

And you thought New York had beef with Beckham last week? Please. Hatred from the opposing fans is one thing, but hatred from the home supporters who feel a bit like a woman scorned is some whole other sh*t. After enduring more than a little stick from the Riot Squad during last night's friendly versus AC Milan, Becks apparently lost the plot for a minute and challenged a fan to take it outside --or take it to the field as it were since they were already outside.

If his famously resolute demeanor is starting to crack already it is A) surprising and B) going to be a looooong rest of the season. Grab some popcorn, a beer and a nice reclining chair...this could get interesting.


Philly Eagles Kicker Kicks It With Qauranta, Holden

Cot damn y'all. Check out Stuart and Santino nailing 50-tard field goals at the Philadelphia Eagles practice facility with David Akers. Not a bad showing at all by the boys but you just know that somewhere in Toms River, NJ Tony Meola remains unimpressed.

"Nutmegged" Reimagined

Your junk is never safe...even during an interview.

Grant Wahl Is Now To David Beckham What Al Sharpton Is To Black People

OK, I think it's gotten out of control now. Not my constant posting of Beckham-related video because that sh*t is a traffic goldmine only rivaled by posts whose titles contain a combination of the words "hot" and "teen" in a way that could get you an unwanted cameo on "To Catch A Predator". What I'm saying might be out of control is the potential for rapid over-exposure of our man Grant Wahl.

With the help of the liberal sports-media he has been all up in Becks' Armani's for a minute now. And as much as I love his writing and his book I think it may be approaching a minute too long I'd hae to see that. But now that Goldenballs has played a game it will hopefully die down a bit because it's starting to get kinda Al Sharpton are here...you know like how anytime anything good or bad happens to black folks CNN sends a car and a camera crew to pick up Al to see what he's got to say about it. Kinda like that except for Grant isn't a joke and wouldn't be caught dead using a relaxer on his head even if he had hair on it.

Video: Two Englishmen Talking About Soccer

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&vid=767b6581-3527-46ff-8de6-a51614cf8d83" target="_new" title="David Beckham&#39;s Exclusive Interview">Video: David Beckham&#39;s Exclusive Interview</a>

16 minutes with Nick Webster and some bloke.


Video: ESPN's Grant Wahl Interview

Speaking with Grant Wahl yesterday he joked that he now has as many publicist as David Beckham. Judging by the amount of TV appearances, interviews, articles and attention the guy has had in the last two weeks I would say they are doing a bang up job; these days the dude is as omnipresent as bruises on a barfly.

And you know what? I would bet that if I put up one of those polls in a post today asking who American soccer fans liked most right now, Wahl or Beckham, I actually think Wahl would win. I think New York should sign him ahead of tonight's match; he couldn't make us any worse and I bet he could draw a few good fouls off of Beckham with little to no effort.

Yoga Fun with Clint & Claudio

I'm pretty open-minded. Really I am. But there is something funny about Cleetus & Claudio doing an infomercial for yoga. I mean Reyna I get because he is aged (pronounced "age-jed") and at this point he was probably trying anything to keep his kneecap from exiting his skin and landing on the Giants Stadium turf in the 76th minute.

The best bit is that if you watch closely you'll see Clint in the background breaking his pose; you can't do this with a plug of chew in your mouth, it throws off your balance.

Back in the Day Video: 1997 Highlights With Wynalda & Harksey

Can we do this again? Please? And with more of whatever these two were drinking? What I would give to have Jimmy Conrad handling this.


Beckham Takes Manhattan: The Final Post

Sorry to bring up old sh*t but the Grant Wahl intro, subtitled response and closing comments to this video really makes it worth the rewind. Add this --which comes off part-legit poke at Becks, part-"Buy my book!" shill-- to his SI.com piece today and I think people will cease to remember the feud with Donovan pretty quickly because all the talk may soon be of a possibly budding Beckham-Wahl feud.

I know alot of people are feeling the dapper dude and all of the drama right now from his book. If you're one of those who can't get enough Grant at the moment be sure to DVR ESPN's Outside The Lines tomorrow where he and Alexi Lalas will be the guests. Must-see TV kids.

More Beckham TV Mania

In addition to Regis & Kelly, Becks was on the Today Show this morning...where he gave Matt Lauer the suit off his back.

"He's Magnificent"

Allegedly. According to Kelly Ripa.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Out of Office

I'm in Hoboken at the W Hotel for the Osorio-Arena-Beckham press conference so I'll be away for most of the afternoon. Talk amongst yourselves while I sit here and pray that Grant Wahl -who is in the house-- asks Becks at least one question (I love awkward moments).

UPDATE: Ten minutes in, it just got awkward. Grant asked him to justify his commitment to MLS while spending time on loan. Becks asks if this is for another unauthorized book. Daggers from the dais from Beckham.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Here's the video but unfortunately you only get Grant's initial question, not his replys to Beckham (I guess you just had to be there). Handbags at 20 paces y'all.

Video: RSL Magazine Photoshoot

Is it just me or does Kyle Beckerman look like some rave DJ who would have been on the cover of URB magazine circa 1996? Every time I see him in street clothes I can hear "Higher State of Consciousness" in my head and I want to check his wrist for a PLUR bracelet.

And Yura, baby...a cream suit and leopard-print hat? Can't believe they got you out here looking like a Balkan gangster on a Cuban holiday. So cold.


Extra Time Episode 23: Act 2

Talking about the return of Brand Beckham is like playing peewee soccer: everybody gets a chance to play. Looks like it's the Extra Time crew's turn.

Phony Rappers: Nate "Jake Wha?" Jaqua & Fredy "The Full Monty" Montero

I don't even know where to go with this. Well, there are obvious places to go but I'm going to refrain because it's all just too much. I do love the "Jake Wha?" alias though.

NSR: Miike Snow "Burial"

This video is best enjoyed at sunset.

MLS Final Kick: Week 17

The second best video you'll see today with "17" in the title. This is #1.

RF Vs. RF, RF VS. Print Media

Have you checked out Rio Ferdinand's online magazine Number 5? If not, you should. It's got style, music, celebrity interviews, movie stuff and of course a bit of footie. Get stuck in here.

Also, check out his day-after-Wimbledon interview with Roger Federer. Talk about striking while the iron is hot. The clip above is the teaser for the full length video, which is here.

West Brom Fans Helpline: You Are Not Alone

You know with just a few tweaks to the script, better hair and a new phone number we could set one of these up for New York fans pretty easily. You know sometimes a friendly, sympathetic voice is enough to keep people from slitting their own throat with a limited edition Mike Ammann poster.

Columbus at The White House: Director's Cut

Uncut and in HD!

Video: Beckham Beef Squashed

Well thank God that's over...


You Wouldn't Like Sacha Kljestan When He's Mad

He doesn't appear to care for someone on the Chicago bench, Hamlett perhaps. The phase "swearing like a sailor" might need to be re-worked into "swearing like a midfielder". Dude wove a tapestry of obscenity that is still floating over the South Bay to this very day.

Video: Columbus At The White House

I love the fact that Obama says "That's what I'm talking about" when he gets his Crew jersey with his name and the number 44 on the back. Towards the end you get to see him handle the ball a little; he's OK on the (basketball) dribble but nothing special in the air. He did have some nice, presidential things to say though--he big upped the fans in CBUS and Chi-City but D.C. got nothing-- so we won't go too deep with the skills assessment.

Extra Time: The All Star First XI Edition

No Marco Pappa? Shocking.

Last Night's Party: Javi Morales Buries Club America

The most insane thing about this clip is not the ease with which RSL's Javi Morales lays down arguably one of the longset chips ever on Club America, but the fact that there is an advert for the Jim Rome show in a soccer stadium.

NSR Video: Sean Bones "Dancehall"

In the past, rock & reggae were combined to thrilling effect --see The Police, Bad Brains & The Clash. But for every one of those bands there are 3 despicable acts like Pepper, 311 and (shudder) Sublime. Now we have Sean Bones. The jury is still out but I'm liking this today.

Back in the Day Video: The ABC News Hooligan Expose

Remember when ABC News traveled deep into darkest Derbyshire to warn us all that the sports world knows no greater scourge than the drunken, English football fan? Sheila MacVicar tried to warn us y'all and yet somehow a small, ridiculous minority of American soccer fans decided not to listen and still spend their Saturday's playing hooligan much to the confusion and derision of normal, passionate, sane soccer fans. May God have mercy on thier sad, little souls.

Press Pass on the Whole Donovan-Beckham Palava

Shaka Hislop, Adrian Healy and Middlesbrough legend (if such a thing really exists) Robbie Mustoe on the current Shaq and Kobe-esque issues between Goldenballs and Lando. To be honest (and a jerk) I can't say I didn't see it coming. Shaka seems to think alot of it is down to cultural differences between U.S. and Eupropean players but that Becks shouldn't have been handed the captain's armband without earning it. Personally I think it was all down to hairline-envy.

Video: Riding the Rails With the USMNT

Why fly from Boston to Philly when you can save yourself the hassle of the airport by taking Amtrak? With four MLS teams set up along the Acela route next season you'll probably see more teams and fans taking to the rails to take in away games. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by Red Bull Arena in the clip above.

Section 8 x Flares x Confetti

Some things just don't mix well: ketchup and strawberries, weed and motivation, tequila and chastity are all examples of bad combos. Add signal flares and paper products to the list of things that play poorly together; I can think of no better way to burn down a supporters section and any goodwill it may have with the security.


Outside the Lines: One Year, One Nation

ESPN's Bob Ley with a look at South Africa 2010.

5 Burning Questions With Harksey & JP

Question #1 is about non-obvious All-Star team picks. Johnny Harkes mentions Marco Pappa and I have to agree with him. Dude is on Fire (whanh whanh!) right now; if he's doesn't make the team it's only because Sounders fans have voted their entire midfield in.

Cot Damn! This Soccer Thing Just Might Be Something!

So says notorious moneybags & Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who just spent more money than is currently in circulation building the behemoth New Cowboys Stadium. Kinda fresh that the new shrine to pointyball --built in a state where football is most certainly king-- is going to get felt up for the first time by futbol, not football. But isn't it kinda weird that the first face you see on the website for this place is Eddie Johnson?

Cot Damn! This Stuart Holden Just Might Be Somebody!

2 goals --and a silky smooth assist-- in 3 games for senior national team for the Dynamo's baby-faced midfielder. A pretty damn impressive start to hit USMNT career...thanks Scotland!


Video: Chatting With ChivaGirl Tiffany

Describes herself as "loving" and loves to do the chest-thrust on the dance floor. Any takers gentlemen?

Video: Real Talk From Landon Donovan

I saw this clip on Sportscenter and nearly spit out my drink*. It's one thing for The Beckham Experiment to get all this attention in the soccersphere but it's some whole other sh*t for it to make it on to ESPN. Maybe John Anderson is right; Oprah's couch --with an assist from Dr. Phil-- just might be the place to get this beef squashed.

* the official TOR libation of summer 2009 is "the Short Rib", which is a cocktail with jalapeno-infused tequila, rum, lime juice and pomegranate molasses. Finally some found a way to make alcohol taste like BBQ!

Video: Messi To America

No, he's not coming to the wrongly-called "Mickey Mouse League", he's just playing with Mickey Mouse. Which when you really think about it is actually better than having to play with Rafa Marquez. So yeah, I guess Disney really is the happiest place on Earth.

The Battle of Los Angeles Resumes

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Don't forget that the big one is tomorrow night. Chivas USA vs. LA Galaxy is on FSC and it's always worth a watch even if both teams are playing horribly. The thing that makes this one interesting is that for once both of them are actually half-decent this season (traditionally at least one of them are in the midst of crisis). Tune in info is in the video...set your DVR's appropriately.

Video: Drew Carey Pimps Seattle HARD on The Price is Right

How the hell did I miss Taylor "Defensive Liability" Graham* on The Price Is Right? On the Showcase Showdown no less! He even got to spin the big ass wheel and everything. They had to hold some sh*t back though so he didn't get to jump on the Plinko game (they save that for stars, not scrubs).

*moniker left over from his tenure at RBNY.


Video: Santino Quaranta Testifies

Like a lot of other bloggers out there today, I'm tipping my hat to Santino Quaranta for the goal against Honduras last night at RFK. To score your first international goal in front of your family and home crowd after all the sh*t he's been through has to feel amazing. The only thing that would make it better would be for him to have a vajeen so that the Lifetime Original movie "Pills, Tats and Balls: The Santino Qauranta Story" could be greenlit by Monday.

Extra Time Episode 22: Act 3

First off I apologize for the lack of & brevity of posts lately; trying to grind on the jobhunt and take advantage of some time with the family so I haven't been chained to the computer as per usual. Please forgive me (and the multiple spelling errors due to the rushed nature of my recent output).

I was going to say something about how it's whack that Becks won't play in the SuperClasico --which is previewed in the video above-- but someone just reminded me that it's to do with the transfer window. Damn The Man.

Extra Time Episode 22: Act 2

Shep Messing's mustache goes on an award tour with the Marvelous 3.


The Beckham Experiment: Further Reading

With less than a week out from the release of Grant Wahl's The Beckham Experiment, further revealations come to us via The Associated Press. Among them are that ESPN paid Beckham's management to produce an hour-long TV special in 2007, Alexi Lalas over-ruled the voting results and gave the team MVP award to Chris Klein which allegedly cost Landon Donovan $25,000 in bonus cash and that David Beckham is good to stay in the Secaucus Sheraton (which, let's be honest, most of us are).

Extra Time Episode 22: Act 1

Greg is back and I guess at this point Jason The Producer has been around enough that it's somewhat safe to presume that this is now three man affair. Any and all suggestions for a nickname for this threesome are welcome.


NSFW Video: Soccer Terms With the S.O.S.

If you know a few guys who don't have the time for soccer, send them this link. I think it may get their attention. The Sirens of Soccer are a group of comely female players formerly known as Hollywood United Girls Soccer and they've put together this instructional video for the purpose of educating and entertaining soccer-ignorant perverts nationwide. It comes across a bit like a poorly executed Benny Hill skit but I'll give them a DD for effort and one of the most impressive chest traps you will ever see.

MLS Final Kick: Week 16

All the MLS news that is fit for desktop publishing.

Video: Alexi on Oguchi Onyewu to AC Milan

Obviously I'm late on the draw with this one but I was at the wild animal park with my son this morning; for the record he was down with the elephants but totally freaked out by the giraffe face peering into the sunroof window. Being as tall as a giraffe and as big as an elephant, the jury is out on how he feels about Gooch. Daddy is cool with him though and wishes him well on his Italian job...and I'll be the first to dub him "Il Guce".

Viva Futbol #34

In a word: nasty.


Video: Portland's MLS Future is Now

Or it was last Wednesday at least according to Fox12.

Fu-Gee-La: The Alex Nimo Story

The local Fox affiliate in Portland did a piece on the Timbers/Real Salt Lake young'un Alex Nimo. I love the loan move on RSL's part and it would be nice to see more MLS clubs do this with their prospects so long as they are getting to actually play with the USL clubs. No sense sending somebody somewhere else to ride oine when they could do that at home.

Video: Is David Beckham Ready for MLS?

Shaka, Janusz and Adrian with a bit of Real Talk on Beckham's return and the now-infamous Landon Donovan comments from The Beckham Experiment. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy I will once again implore you to do so; this just may be the first official selection to the TOR book club.

Video: This Week Inside The Galaxy

This week featuring special guest star Benny Feilhaber.

Video: 5 Burning Questions

Harksey and JP talkin' Landon, Beckham, schedule congestion, league MVP, and the All-Star forwards.


Video: Eski's Post LA Debut Interview

Whatever you do Eski, don't try and sell us on the Superclasico; that answer is drier than microwaved turkey. But good on you for scoring on the first chance you got for your new club...hopefully these guys will let you stay for while.



Jozy Altidore: The Adrian Healy Interview

I love that Jozy leads of with calling Healy "buddy". It just takes all of the "aire" out of his accent and kinda makes him seem a little less uppity. Tommy Smythe should do this at the top of every broadcast just to keep him honest.

Video: MLS Weekly

It seems TOR favorite MLS Final Kick has got some competition in the "Finest MLS Weekly Recap on the Web" race. Click over to the video page of the official Facebook account for Major League Soccer to watch this week's half-hour show in three, gloriously tasteful segments. Anyone out there have a clue if this will hit TV somewhere? It certainly seems to cut for on-air use.

WTF? Jaqua Sued For Sexual Assault?


I bit my tongue and refrained from comment during a similar episode earlier in the season but this time it's the current MLS Player of the Week (last time it was MLS Player of the Month). But how do allegations like this hit twice in a season to the same team (and at the same position even)? However it plays out, this is truly sad sh*t.

Extra Time Episode 21: Act 3

Bone up on this week's match ups with MLS and Gold Cup previews y'all. I totally forgot the Gold Cup started this weekend and not next weekend. I love it but I swear this Summer of Soccer is almost too much.

Last Night's Party: Portland Tifo

By now some of you may be have me pegged for a closet Timbers fan. And I totally am (until 2011). But even if you couldn't give a rat's a** about USL1 you have to love a town selling out a US Open Cup match --there where even SCALPERS about-- in a stadium that is not the local high school ground. You also have to love the spirited tifo they threw out last night...unless you are a Seattle fan (in which case you probably wish they would crawl of and die somewhere).

Extra Time Episode 21: Act 2

Julian De Guzman coming home to Canuckistan? Shep Messing's Mustache has got the scoop.


Don't Sleep: Seattle at Portland Tonight

U.S. Open Cup action live on FSN tonight. If you can get it, get it in.

Kickin' It With Allen "Fat Tie" Hopkins

Well there goes my whole Jacko's Revenge theory; it appears Dempsey did in fact pay tribute to the King of Pop (and celebrity freakishness) whilst celebrating against Brazil. So in solidarity with the Oklahoma GOP, I now blame "debauchery" for the loss.

Video: Colbert Asks "Is It Time For America To Care About Soccer?"

Last night Stephen Colbert addressed the Confederations Cup run and it's impact on the game in this country on The Colbert Report. Of course this being Colbert means it was 50% piss-take, 100% funny. He even had His Ginger Majesty along for the ride talking Azteca. It's madness I tell you, madness. This is the type of acknowledgment that makes me feel like a normal sports fan and not a member of a oft-ridiculed cult. I love it.

Extra Time Episode 21: Act 1

Shep Messing: Doesn't know Twitter.