Video: New Jermaine Jones MIxtape

Jermaine Jones hasn't even suited up for the U.S. yet but for some he has already arrived; he's now got a mixtape out entitled "Jermaine Jones: The New American Destroyer" by GAGNEnBRIERE. It may be a little premature since he hasn't even been called up yet but if we're all being honest with ourselves this is probably the most footage the majority of us have seen of him actually playing. I know it is for me.

In other newly-repatriated footballer video news, Edgar Castillo is a Proud American.


jamesey said...

A video with destroyer in the title should have more than 1 highlight of a great tackle

Anonymous said...

Yah. A lot of missed shots. A couple of goals. Some nice passes. One nice tackle. A shot of him being pissed off.

Color me as one guy who just wants to see if he can mesh with the team. Or style isn't about individual hot-heads and their talent. It's about the team.

Brian said...

I really like GAGNEnBRIERE's work but it seems very similar to a video called Jermaine Jones - Das Kampfschwein, by Quintana1904


Flava said...

I know that you can make anybody look like they are the best player in the world when you just show their best moments out of context.

However, this was heartening.

Christopher Barker said...

Whoa... SF, did my comment break a rule I wasn't aware of? Let me know so I don't do it again, or was a mundane computer glitch to blame?

Joe said...
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Anonymous said...

A destroyer of what? Team cohesion? Morale of players who have worked extremely hard IN THE U.S. SYSTEM to earn a callup?

Sorry, but we don't need more players who lose their composure, take lots of shots that are way off the mark, and have to make wild lunges in the box to make up for defensive errors.