Video: Happier Times for Liverpool

This season has been a complete sh*t-show for Liverpool supporters and I feel bad for them. Mind you they are two places ahead of my beloved Fulham, but for them that's not saying much at all. So since it's the holidays I'd like to give all my Reds-loving friends a gift from years past. And even if you have nothing but scorn in your heart for them, you have to love the vocal, undulating crowd in this clip; I guess this is the reason everyone mythologizes The Kop.

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Jeff said...

Even though I'm an Arsenal fan I've watched this about 20 times so I'm glad to see it posted here. Some funny stuff in it too...

1:18...check out the kids eyebrows
1:20...the super old guy
1:33...the wasted kid who can hardly keeps his eyes open

by far the three funniest people in the whole video