Video: Bradley & Gulati on the Luck of the World Cup Draw

Bobby Blue Eyes & co. have no expectations for the draw. Which is funny because after the last three games I have no expectations for the tournament. Hopefully a bit of good luck will come our way in both to balance out the bad-juju double-whammy of the Davies and Gooch injuries.


Brian said...

Stop moping around SF! You're acting as if we've already been knocked out of the tournament! Yes, Slovenia and Denmark were bad, but we didn't have Donovan or Howard for either game, and Dempsey or Cherundolo for Denmark.

Jermaine Jones returned to practice this week and he'll probably make his Bundesliga season debut after the Bundesliga winter break. We could see him in a friendly in January or March. Maurice Edu retuned to practice and is targeting an Old Firm return on Janurary 3rd.

Jay DeMerit is currently re-training his eyes and expects to be back in action soon.

Other than that, as always, pray that Davies and Onyewu will be healthy by the World Cup.

SF said...

I blame my mopiness on too much early exposure to The Cure.

Brian said...

Ahhhhh yeahhhhh boiii!