Video: Behind the Scenes of MLS Cup

So y'all know that I was all over Seattle like Tiger Woods on a Vegas cocktail waitress (what, too soon?) during MLS Cup and filmed a bunch of fly-on-the-wall ghetto-cam footage. Obviously I wasn't alone in documenting the event; amongst the myriad of soccer folk that were running around filming were my boys (& girl) Scott from Chivas USA, Troy from LA Galaxy, Dan & Kate from MLSnet and a few other people more handy than I with a camera.

In the days that followed the final bits of celebratory confetti falling on the Qwest Field turf, life began to look in the direction of the 2010 season and Scott began to edit together loads of the better bits and pieces from the days leading up to and including the final. The clip above is the result and I'm kind of into it; as a fan it's great to see some of the things that we usually only get to read about and as an employee of The Corporation it's the kind of thing that I would like to see us create more often.

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