Proof That Everyone is Trying to Cash in on Tiger Woods Cheating (or Tiger Woods Will Do It With Anyone, Even Beardy-Types)

This is proof that everyone is trying to cash in on the "Tiger Woods likes to spread it around" debacle. I ran across this dude on 38st. and said "OMG" to myself in a half-judgmental, half-humored tone when I saw his sign. But then once he clocked my interest he actually wanted me to pay him to see his sign. Insane.

And to be clear, the joke here is not that the gent is homeless. I repeat, THE JOKE IS NOT THAT THE GENT IS HOMELESS. That's just not funny, especially in someplace as hand-cramplingly cold as NYC. The joke is that Tiger Woods has gone from exploiter of his spouse's trust to exploited like a loophole in a poorly executed family trust fund in less time than it would take me and my spectacularly unathletic ass to play 18 holes of golf.